Azyr is a DJ & Producer who is currently making waves in the industry with his recent productions dominating the scene on a global scale. Based In the North West Of England, Azyr’s musical influence originated from the dark and industrial sound of techno however over the course of two years, Azyr has developed a unique style delving into the Acid, Schranz, Rave, Hard Dance and Psytrance sub genres of techno in his productions and DJ’ing also. Azyr’s sound is driven by energy throughout taking the listener on a journey through fast pace, full throttle, relentlessly hard-hitting techno that is bound to leave the crowd sweating and desperate for more.

In 2021, Azyr began to make a name for himself in the UK scene, making his debuts in major cities across England & Scotland such as Liverpool; Manchester; Glasgow & Edinburgh and has continued to thrive in 2022, securing bookings from some of the biggest promoters in the scene. In August Azyr made his UK festival and boiler room debut with Teletech and will make his international debut in Paris in September. Azyr’s ambition is to take his sound and skill set to the international stage and preform to people that share his passion for underground music all around the world. Azyr’s music is already doing just that as it is being supported by some of the largest names in the industry such as Paula Temple, Shlømo, 999999999, SNTS, DYEN, Nico Moreno, Tham, Parfait, DLV, Alignment, Lee Ann Roberts, Sara Landry, Lessss, Cassie Raptor, Cera Khin, Cynthia Spiering, Noneoftheabove, Daria Kolosova & more.